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Learn About our
Crawlspace Inspections

Inspection of your crawlspaces is included in every home inspection. Systems such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC are often times installed in this area. Next Home Inspector will work to identify areas of high moisture or missing vapor berries to help better control the environment in this area of your home.


Inspection Crawler

It is crucial to have an inspector with the correct tools for the job. When possible your inspector will enter the crawlspace to inspect the space. Sometimes a crawlspaces is not large enough to fit in, this is where our homemade inspection crawler robot comes into play to help your inspector gain access to areas other inspectors aren't able to.

What is Next?

Any findings from the crawlspace inspection will be included in your home inspection report. Recomendations will be given on imporvements that could be made or safety hazards that may have been identified. You will be able to make a better informed decision about next steps for your crawlspace.

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