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Learn About our Drone Inspections

Any time your inspector can get up onto your roof to inspect the roof surface it is always preferred. There are times however, due to weather conditions or pitch of the roof that walking the roof is unsafe or inaccessible. When a roof cannot be walked a Drone becomes a critical tool to complete a home inspection. A drone will make the inaccessible inspectable allowing your inspector to have a better view of hard to access areas of the home. Next Home Inspector views the roof as a critical portion of a home inspection, because of this done inspections are included free of charge.

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Part 107 Drone Pilot

Are you aware to operate as a commercial pilot in command one must have a Part 107 drone license from the FAA? Your next home inspector has obtained Part 107 licensing and is trained in proper utilization of a drone to better inspect your homes exterior coverings. A Drone will allow for a first person view when walking a roofs surface safely is not possible.

What is Next?

Images or video obtained from our drone will uploaded to your inspection report along with recommendations made from the findings. Results can then be utilized by you to make a better informed decision and to help qualified contractors understand repiars that you may desire to have completed on your next home.

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