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About our Boat Dock Inspections

Having a home at the lake, especially lake front often comes with the joys of owning a dock for your watercraft of choice. Boat docks are not the simple 2x6 frames held together by screws and nails that they used to be. Many docks are special built with boat lifts, roofs, anchors points and metal frames. Not to mention necessary ice mitigation systems for protecting your dock while overwintering. A boat dock inspection will help to make sure your first weekend on the water is not spent on the shoreline working on surprise dock repairs. 

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Screen Shot 2023-10-14 at 12.30.34 AM.png

Boat Docks

The modern boat dock has many systems and components that need to be installed correctly to ensure your dock is able to be enjoyed.  Docks face waves created by boats, violent storms and harsh winter environments. Your dock has to hold up to abuse year after year. Have your boat dock inspected to have piece of mind it will preform as you expect it to.

What is Next?

Dock damage can vary greatly, from improper repairs, broken welds, failing lifts, missing floats, weathered materials or faulty equipment. Following a dock inspection you will feel more confident on how to manage your dock and what repairs may be necessary to keep your dock functioning at peak performance.

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