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About our Electrical Inspection

The creation of the modern power grid revolutionized the modern home. Electrical systems have gone though vast changes and updates over the years. Some homes have been upgraded over time with updated electrical systems and components while others have not.  Electrical system inspections are included in your inspection free of charge.

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Electrical System

Modern homes should have breaker panels installed with GFCI/AFCI circuitry for overcorrect protection. Despite electrical code some homeowners preform their own electrical work and this can lead to mistakes that would not be made by a qualified professional. Your electrical inspection will look for fuses or breaker panels, wiring type, grounding components and instances of incorrect instillation.

What is Next?

Following your home inspection recommendations will be made on findings during the inspection. A qualified electrician can then be contacted by you and advised on desired updates or repairs you desire for your homes electrical system.

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