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About our Attic, Insulation and Ventilation Inspections

While not often seen or thought about your homes attic, insulation and ventilation are important to how your home functions throughout the year.  To little insulation can result in higher utility bills year around. Proper ventilation is critical to ensuring humidity can be removed from your finished home areas, as well as, your attic space. All of these systems must be installed properly to function. Inspecting attics, insulation and ventilation are included in your inspection free of charge.

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Attic, Insulation and Ventilation

Attics of home can go years without being seen for that reason damage to framing may go undiscovered. Excess humidity from improperly ventilated exhaust fans can damage roof decking. Insulation is often found to not be thick enough for the region the home is built. Correcting issues with your attic, insulation and ventilation will help your home perform more efficiently.

What is Next?

Defects found in you homes attic, insulation or ventilation will be included in your inspection report. After reviewing your report contractors can be contacted to arrange for beneficial corrections to these systems.  

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