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Learn About our Mold
and Air Quality Testing

Multiple green mold growth spores
Multiple green mold growth spores

Mold and air quality inspections give a better understanding of your homes internal environment. Next Home Inspector, LLC will gather a collection of samples, deliver the samples to a certified lab for analysis and deliver your report. Your home will undergo a visual inspection of the interior and exterior, along with collection of air quality samples, as well as, a swab test if necessary.  Our mold inspection prioritizes providing you with peace of mind to better inform you and your family of the potential effects of mold. Next Home Inspector, LLC always recommends speaking with your trusted healthcare provider to further understand the adverse effects mold and poor air quality can have on your families health.

Cassettes and Swabs

Two different forms of media collection will be used while testing for the presence of mold and the overall air quality in your home. Cassettes are placed on top of a pump that pulls air samples onto the collection media. Swabs are used directly on an area of suspected growth so the material can be further evaluated.  Tests are overnighted to a certified lab for analysis. Results will be shared with you as soon as they are available, usually two days after collection. 


Whats Next?

Your air quality/mold test will break down any findings in your home that could be related to mold growth or poor overall air quality. Some general recommendations will be made based on report findings. Next Home Inspector, LLC will always recommend contacting a remediation specialist if growth is identified, as well as, visiting with your doctor about the effects different molds can have on your health.

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