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Sewer Scope Inspections

Did you know as a property owner you are responsible for the buried lines on your property. Drain lines are a buried utility you may be financially responsible for should what is underground on your property need replacement. Material of some drain lines can also deteriorate over time. Make sure your buried drain lines are inspected during the inspection process.

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Sewer Scope

Sewer scope inspections can enter a homes buried plumbing through a plumbing clean out or by removing a toilet from the flange. Damage can come in many forms to a buried line. Some examples of damage include blockages from from tree roots, past construction damage, rusting pipes, shifted rocks that have cracked the pipe. Sewer scope cameras allow for an inside look at the condition of your drain lines not visible during a standard inspection.

What is Next?

Following inspection of your drain line you will receive a link to a video so you can see where damage may have been identified. You will also be given distance markings so you can better communicate to a plumbing contractor as to where and what kind of damage was identified for repair of the home's system.

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